Final Cost for Testosterone Replacement Therapy Full Cycle

Wondering if testosterone replacement therapy cost is suitable for you? Want to learn if it’s worth spending money on low T treatment? Read this post to find all the answers!

Probably each of us is curious about the price we should pay for our well-being and comfort.

It’s obvious that an active and pleasant lifestyle is impossible without health and healthy habits ‘cause if we experience a lack of stamina and we’re feeling sick, we can’t fulfill our everyday tasks and enjoy that life.

When it comes to hormonal imbalance, people are spending money on multiple lab tests and various diagnostics just to learn how to recover as soon as possible and get rid of consequent disorders that typically occur in that case.

Let’s review the solid reasons to spend costs on hormonal therapy if you face disorders caused by low testosterone and let’s see what costs you should exactly spend if you undergo the full treatment cycle. Here we go!

Testosterone Therapy Cost: What to pay for?

Well, it’s quite understood that the cost of TRT won’t ever be standard for every patient who starts that recovery ‘epic’ here and now. The price is sure going to significantly differ based on the severity of current symptoms and illnesses caused by the low T, the weight of a patient which defines the dosage of a drug, the age which can suppose possible chronic diseases, and much more aspects including the term of the treatment cycle that a patient will choose.

The total low T treatment cost will also depend on the insurance coverage if it is available for a certain patient. The insurance will be able to cover all or at least some of the costs including lab work and prescriptions.

How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost a Middle-Aged Couple Signing an Agreement

Since testosterone replacement therapy is a long-term treatment that may range from 6 months up to 1 year, it is evident to be a costly ‘party’ that is absolutely worth it. This is the price you pay for your health and your quality of life, and of course, your life is beyond the price and this is the only precious gift to be appreciated.

Let’s see what disorders are often experienced by low T patients, here they are:

  • decreased stamina;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • excess weight and obesity;
  • reduced muscle mass;
  • type II diabetes;
  • fitful sleep;
  • depression;
  • lowered sex drive.

Is it possible to live a quality life, travel, do sports, and feel happy with all of these disorders making you suffer day by day? I guess, the reply is clear, and this is ‘No!’ The treatment is required ASAP.

And now, here is what you get after the full testosterone treatment cycle if you resolve to receive it:

  • better memory and concentration;
  • stabilized mood;
  • improved sex drive and enhanced erectile function (in men);
  • quiet sleep;
  • slimmer body and reduced basting fat;
  • enhanced muscle strength;
  • improved bone density;
  • and even more.

Now it’s time to unveil the approximate testosterone therapy cost for a single patient. Let’s go further!

Lab Work Within Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost

Before prescribing TRT, a thyroid specialist should ask a patient to undergo laboratory evaluation to determine the levels of testosterone in their blood and learn if they are lower than average parameters to make an official low T or hypogonadism diagnosis and determine if TRT treatment is indicated.

The price of laboratory work will be about $1.500. However, some clinics consider the term for further treatment and offer good discounts on lab tests (approximately $300-400). After all the required lab work is done, you visit a thyroid specialist and this approximately costs $150. Now you can get a prescription for testosterone and start the treatment as soon as you buy the prescribed meds and once you are ready.

How much do medical services within testosterone therapy cost?

A thyroid specialist usually provides an individually customized testosterone replacement therapy plan to specify the approximate term of future treatment. Depending on the chosen program, a patient will be able to choose whether to pay monthly or annual bills. The price ranges from $1.200 to $3.000 per year.

However, some prices are being changed and even scaled-down year after year. In addition, the price can be much lower if you’ve got insurance coverage.

Testosterone Therapy Cost per Month

Please consider the monthly payments for your testosterone replacement therapy to be about $25-70 per month. A precise amount is determined only by the doctor and depends on the method of testosterone treatment. The price will also include the additional meds like HCG/Clomid as well as the thyroid gland and adrenal glands treatment.

Most clinics often collaborate with authorized pharmacies and provide extensive discounts for a large range of medications. You are still able to save costs for treatment even without insurance coverage.

Testosterone Therapy Cost Per Month Happy Middle-Aged Couple

Typically the TRT supposes that a patient receives injections administered on a regular basis. However, some patients prefer buying testosterone in the form of creams, patches, or gels, and they are interested in how much they should spend on each type of drug. Let’s see what the approximate cost of testosterone provided in a variety of options is:

  • testosterone injections – $25-35 per month;
  • creams containing testosterone – $20-30 per month;
  • sublingual testosterone – $20-30 per month;
  • HCG injection (to keep the active work of testicles)- $40 – $80 per month; used as needed;
  • additional oral medication – $10-30 per month; prescribed as needed.

Total Cost of Testosterone Injections for Low T Treatment

Considering the average cost of drugs, laboratory work, and additional medical services, the testosterone therapy cost ranges from $1.700 to $3.200 per year. In the next few years, this amount may be reduced to $600-1.500 per year. Of course, if you’ve got insurance coverage, the price is going to be much lower.

The total testosterone therapy cost is a comparatively expensive procedure as it includes a bulk of laboratory work and thyroid specialist consultations needed to determine the true cause of your low T disorder.

Price of Testosterone Therapy Without Insurance

The insurance companies can cover some of the TRT costs once the treatment is prescribed. These costs typically include both the initial laboratory work and blood tests made during the therapy. If you have no insurance then you should just rely on possible discounts offered by a certain clinic to reduce the final cost of testosterone injections. We recommend that you consult your insurance agent to learn which medical services are covered by your insurance plan.

Investing in Health – a Wise Choice

It’s up to you whether to start the therapy or refuse the treatment. However, if the problem of getting treatment is within the price, then there is always an option to match your financial capacity.

The cost of TRT is the cost of the question “Will I live a quality life without pain, depression, and fatigue?” the answer is only yours.

For any additional concerns please contact our qualified medical expert for a free consultation.