If you already take the HGH replacement therapy you are probably interested in the difference between HGH results before and after the treatment. If yes, then read this post to see the photos of real patients.

Many people coming to our clinic ask the questions like ‘How long should I wait for results to come? When will my body restart the proper production of the growth hormone? Are there any health risks?’, and more ones.

You are probably searching for the replies on the Web because you are experiencing odd changes in your body right after the start of the therapy and you’d like to know if they are ok. Or you probably have got some unwanted disorders and you hope that HGH therapy is the one to help, and, frankly, you are right.

Issues like obesity, poor energy and inability to make exercise and do sports, fatigue, and more related conditions may appear due to insufficient production of growth hormone. Human growth hormone is required to maintain your health, helpful for anti-aging, increasing your sex drive, muscle strength, etc.

HGH Results Before and After Pictures of Men

So, all people who have issues with their health and resolve to undergo the diagnostics and start taking HGH, want to believe in a quick recovery to ameliorate these symptoms.

Our team of experienced doctors has decided to provide our patients with information on every stage of the therapy and help them learn which results they will be able to see at every step of the treatment.

That’s why we’ve divided the treatment term into week-by-week and month-by-month alterations in the body. So, if you want to observe the daily, weekly, and monthly changes of the human growth hormone (HGH) therapy, read the article and see real HGH results before and after with photos.

What is the human growth hormone?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a small protein that is produced in the hypothalamus, intestinal tract, and pancreas by the pituitary gland and secreted into the bloodstream. Science has reported that the production of GH is high at night.

The levels of growth hormone (GH) are high during childhood, they are responsible for growth during puberty and they decline after the age of thirty. Growth hormone performs plenty of functions in the human body e.g. enhances the production of muscle proteins, lessens the accumulation of body fat, enhances the levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), and stabilizes blood sugar levels. In adults, HGH is responsible for controlling weight gain and loss.

HGH Results and Benefits

If you receive HGH therapy, benefits will appear gradually during the whole term of treatment. Results of HGH therapy don’t appear immediately. It may take some time depending on your body chemistry, prescribed dosage, and your body’s sensitivity.

HGH therapy is majorly prescribed to treat the deficiency of growth hormone in adults over thirty. The therapy has many more benefits or advantages like preventing fractures, muscle damage, weight gain, and increased risk of cancer, aging, and cardiovascular diseases.

HGH Results Timeline

People who take HGH therapy are always in haste and want to see the immediate results of the treatment. However, every person is unique, and your physique and body chemistry differs from another person, so the duration of treatment may vary and depends on many factors, such as;

  • dosing of prescribed medication;
  • any previous medical history;
  • age;
  • the severity of health issues.

Let’s see when you will observe the improvements brought by the therapy in your body.

HGH Results in Several Days

Some people start to observe positive changes during the first several days of the treatment. As the treatment may take 6 to 8 months, if you don’t observe improvements in your body, don’t panic. Because when you start the therapy, the drug components begin to absorb and stimulate positive changes in your body, but this doesn’t have to become visible at once.

HGH Results Before and After

HGH Results in a Few Weeks

You may observe the very first improvements in your body in just a few weeks. It means that your severe symptoms might start to decrease; you may feel these changes in your body at the end of the second week:

  • less anxiety;
  • increased energy;
  • better mood;
  • improved communication abilities;
  • better quality of sleep;
  • enhanced energy and stamina.

No matter what, the changes will be insignificant in a very few weeks. But don’t increase your dosage yourself without a prescription. It won’t fasten your results and won’t diminish your symptoms but increase the side effects and you will return to your original health condition where you were actually. Keep calm and enjoy the sustainable results of the therapy in the long run.

HGH Progress in a Month

Whenever you start the growth hormone therapy cycle, it takes some time for the drugs to build up in the body, once the body is accustomed, they start to grow hormonal levels and replenish your hormonal lack.

You may observe the major changes in your body or improvements in your overall health and appearance in a month. You may expect:

  • boost in vitality and energy;
  • improved physical strength and stamina;
  • enhanced mood and mental abilities;
  • good sleep;
  • decreased irritability and anxiety;
  • improved sexual drive;
  • reduced depression;
  • drop in cortisol levels;
  • more secretion of testosterone hormone and IGF-1.

HGH Benefits in Two Months

After two months of therapy, you will notice genuine physical improvements. The positive HGH results of the therapy will become more visible and brighter because the synthetic hormone starts to maintain your body, metabolism is enhanced, and nutrients reach every organ.

During this period the body starts to produce more collagen resulting in enhanced strength and vitality. HGH for women plays a significant role here, as most women lose their extra pounds. Some further improvements of HGH therapy after two months are as follows:

  • increased metabolism rate;
  • improved eyesight;
  • enhanced erectile function and sexual libido;
  • healthier and fresher look;
  • a drop of the basting fat and lost weight;
  • increase in muscle mass due to tissue regeneration;
  • thicker and stronger hair;
  • fewer wrinkles near the eyes and on the face;
  • tightened skin due to more production of elastin and collagen.

HGH Results Before and After Pictures Made by Patients

HGH Therapy Bonuses in Three Months

After three months, HGH results become more visible and you will observe major transformations in your body. The most important benefit of human growth hormone therapy is the strengthening of your immune system. For most of the women who take HGH for weight loss, this period is special, as their weight is significantly decreased.

Both men and women, who were experiencing osteoporosis in the past, will no more suffer from bone weakness and reap the long-term relief and maximum benefits from the therapy. Women, who were suffering from menopause and PMS symptoms, will observe reduced symptoms associated with it.

Some advantages of HGH results before and after are:

  • the flexibility of muscles and joints;
  • reduced joint pain;
  • sharper memory and better concentration;
  • stronger nails;
  • improved muscle strength, and lean muscle mass;
  • increased sex drive;
  • quicker recovery from slight sicknesses;
  • improved overall well-being and quality of life.
  • better cardiac function;
  • enhanced confidence and psychological well-being.

HGH Achievements in Four Months: Pictures

This is the period when all your previous positive changes will become more enhanced, now you are halfway from your total improvements. Your health, visual outlook, stamina, complexion, hair, nails, muscles, and bones — all become healthy. You will notice these exemplary results in yourself:

  • even better muscle strength, tone, and mass;
  • increased endurance and more energy for sports;
  • enhanced mental, psychological, and emotional state;
  • perfect shape and decreased weight.

HGH Changes in Five Months

When you observe the achievements of HGH therapy, you will notice a clear difference between you five months earlier and the current you. The difference in your appearance, as well as mental and psychological changes, is now clearly visible. Some clear changes in HGH results before and after are the enhancements of the earlier changes:

  • a fresh, healthier, and younger look;
  • glowing, lustrous, elastic skin with no wrinkles, no discoloration, dark spots, or lines;
  • decreased LDL cholesterol level

HGH Results Before and After Pictures

HGH Results in Six Months: Pictures

After six months of human growth hormone therapy, the difference between the old you and the present you is clear and you would be happy to know that now you make the final step on the way to your perfection.

Most people complete their HGH therapy after the sixth month because now they feel and see enough changes and feel free from their former disorders caused by HGH deficiency and are now eliminated.

After six months of treatment, some advanced changes occur along with previous improvements:

  • improved lean muscle mass;
  • enhanced cardiovascular function,
  • better cardiac endurance during exercise;
  • increase in bone mineral density;
  • a significant drop in bad cholesterol “LDL” and a significant increase in good cholesterol “HDL”;
  • chiseled physique.

It is the best time for you to take a picture of the current yourself and compare it with the old one of you; you will see a clear positive difference. You can share the “before” and “after” pictures of yours with your friends or on social media to encourage other people.

HGH Improvements in a Year

HGH timeline is a list of gradual changes that are worth waiting for. A study in 2014 found that both men and women can observe the positive results of the therapy for up to eight to ten years. People say that at this stage they feel more energy and strength as if they have become ten years younger.

HGH Therapy for Anti-Aging

People ask about the HGH therapy results from a doctor when they take HGH therapy, particularly for anti-aging. It does not mean that you would go into your teenage years. However, if you are feeling older and tired, you can slow down the aging process and get rid of many other negative effects associated with aging like too much fatigue, low energy levels, and feeling lazy or lethargic.

HGH for Weight Loss

HGH therapy burns the extra fat in your body, prevents extra fat gains, and protects your muscle mass. Human growth hormone therapy fulfills the dieter’s dreams because it helps to lose weight. Some studies have shown that using HGH injections is controversial but if you use the therapy right which means you take it based on proper diagnostic results and prescription, then you get the best results without side effects.

HGH for Women

HGH therapy is equally important for women as it is for men because the decrease in the levels of HGH causes many health problems including weight gain, aging, etc. You would be amazed when learning that more human growth hormone is naturally produced in women than in men after they’ve undergone the full therapy cycle.

The production of HGH is associated with the estrogen hormone, when there is more estrogen production, more HGH is also produced. When women reach menopause or perimenopause period, estrogen production decreases causing HGH levels to decrease as well. So, low HGH causes weight gain and many health issues in women, and eliminating those issues is the aim of the therapy cycle.

HGH Results Before and After for Women

HGH supports many mental, physical, psychological, and emotional advantages in women:

  • sharp memory and cognitive capacity;
  • weight loss (cellulite and belly fat decrease);
  • sex drive;
  • improvement in mood, and physical activity.

The Bottom Line

As a whole, the human growth hormone therapy results are long-lasting and prominent. The results may vary from patient to patient and possibly you may experience a bit different HGH results timeline from what we have reviewed here.

Keep calm and wait till six months pass as the changes become more clear and more obvious in half a year. Remember that getting perfect results is possible in case if you mix the therapy with a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and sports.

Follow a doctor’s prescription and guidelines strictly and keep in touch with a medical professional to undergo regular lab evaluation and monitor your HGH levels.

In case of any concerns, fill out the contact form on our website, and get a free consultation today.