How Long Does It Take to View the TRT Benefits Testosterone Therapy Timeline

Are you interested in the true testosterone therapy timeline to learn when you are able to see the first improvements?

Then let us review all the changes you are going to get month by month. Let’s start!

If you’ve recently got a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to restore the proper levels of the sex hormone in your blood, then you certainly have a lot of concerns and, probably, worries.

The essential aspect to consider is that this therapy is not a quick fixer that is going to help you get rid of all your health issues and possible disorders by receiving a single injection. However, TRT is not that tiresome treatment that will make you wait for months to see some slight changes.

The closest terms when you are able to admit the first benefits depend on how your body responds to the testosterone therapy because the response is quite individual. Some are able to experience the progress in a week and others are going to see it in a month – this is ok.

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The key effects brought by TRT and the approximate time when they occur are indicated below.

TRT Effects vs When They Occur: What to Expect

Let’s take a look at the list of changes to see during the full TRT cycle right from the start. They are indicated in the list to make the terms when testosterone injections take effect clear for everyone:

  1. Sexual interest and performance – 3-6 weeks; better erection and ejaculation – up to 6 months;
  2. Depressive mood decreased – 3-6 weeks; depressive mood eliminated18-30 weeks;
  3. Increased production of red blood cells3 months; the peak of their production – 9-12 months;
  4. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) rise12 months; further increase depends on the age of a patient;
  5. Reduced-fat – slightly: 4 weeks; maximum: 6-12 months;
  6. Decreased fat mass; lean body mass; increased muscle strength: 12-16 weeks; stabilized: 6-12 months;
  7. Increased insulin sensitivity – slight: 2 days; glycemic control effect: 3-12 months;
  8. Enhanced bone density6 months; the bones can go on getting stronger during the three years after the therapy is completed.

The results are approximate and they show that it’s almost impossible to determine the strict terms of any single change that appears. The benefits experienced by the patients differ from person to person and from symptom to symptom and, of course, depend on the lifestyle.

A patient with slight disorders caused by lowered testosterone and comparatively young age may experience significant improvements in a month while an older patient with some specific health challenges may see them only in 6 months or later.

In any case, you should wait from 6 to 12 months for testosterone shots to work and get rid of the symptoms of low testosterone for a lifetime as well as dramatically improve the quality of your life today.

Consider keeping to a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy diet, and doing sports if you want the results to occur as soon as possible.

Timeline for Testosterone Injections to Work

And now let’s review the step-by-step changes that occur in the human body in detail. These are the effects of testosterone injections starting from the very first shot and up to 12 months of the therapy.

Within the Several Testosterone Shots:

The beginning of the therapy is the time when you experience improved insulin sensitivity. This advantage is the most beneficial for diabetics. However, people without ‘sugar problems’ are also able to benefit from several cool improvements they now experience. The top advantages of insulin sensitivity are as follows:

  • quicker fat loss;
  • no more sugar crashes or getting hungry;
  • decreased cognitive decline;
  • clearer skin.

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3 Weeks of the Treatment

When 3 weeks have passed after the first testosterone shot, a patient may feel an essentially increased sex drive, better satisfaction, and finally the ability to have sexual fantasies as if they are young again.

Men now experience stronger morning erections; their anxiety and aggression are reduced and their sociability is improved allowing them to improve communication with their friends and relatives.

In the period between 3 and 12 weeks, patients often admit reduced inflammation processes in the body.

3 weeks of treatment are also considered to be a period when patients start to perceive a better quality of life thanks to their improved physical health.

4 Weeks after the Start of Testosterone Injections:

This period is marked by an improved lipid profile which means decreased triglycerides and total cholesterol. Triglycerides are the most common type of fat in your body. They store excess energy from your nutrition. The decrease in their levels reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

This period of testosterone replacement therapy is also remarkable with the increase of full erections in men and enhanced sexual performance both in men and women.

6 Weeks After the Start of TRT:

This period of treatment is indicated by improved mood and decreased symptoms of depression. Patients feel more cheerful and energetic while being able to be happy every day right from the early morning till late at night.

3 Months (12 weeks) from the Beginning of TRT:

For people suffering from hypertension, this period is going to be remarkable thanks to the decline of blood pressure which occurs in the period between 3 and 9 months of the therapy.

People with diabetes are going to enjoy better glycemic control between the 3d and 12th months of the therapy.

Men with chronic heart failure are now experiencing better exercise capacity.

This period is the start of a decrease in LDL cholesterol (‘bad’ cholesterol responsible for fatty buildups in arteries) and increases in HDL (‘good’) cholesterol which protects against heart attacks and stroke. The stabilizing process of cholesterol levels is completed during the full cycle of the therapy.

The period between 3 and 4 months of the treatment is also characterized by changes in lean body mass, improved muscle strength, and reduced fat mass.

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6 Months of Testosterone Treatment:

This period of testosterone replacement therapy is remarkable thanks to the improved bone density and a possible rise in PSA levels in men. A normal score of prostate-specific antigen for men 40 and older should be 0.6 to 0.7 ng/ml to exclude the risk of prostate cancer.

12 Months of Treatment:

Annual testosterone treatment is not as frequently practiced as the 6-month one. This period of therapy is recommended for patients with extremely low levels of testosterone or those who didn’t get significant improvements within 6 months of the treatment.

Typically, this period is marked with increased and stabilized PSA score, eliminated symptoms of depression, perfect erectile function, and increased stamina.

Please be informed that any testosterone therapy timeline you find on the Web shows just the approximate term of every certain change in your body to occur but the real terms can be different based on your individual perception and peculiarities.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Important Tips

How do you know that TRT is indicated for you? Actually, testosterone replacement therapy is prescribed to patients with lowered levels of testosterone or hypogonadism (the diminished functional activity of the testicles in men or ovaries in women).

The lowered levels of testosterone are also called the low T and are determined with the help of laboratory evaluation and detailed diagnostics by a thyroid specialist.

There is a comparably vast list of testosterone therapy options to choose from. Thus a patient can prefer different types of hormonal treatment:

  • intramuscular injections or IMs;
  • subglossal pills are taken on a daily basis;
  • testosterone creams are applied to the skin of the shoulders or belly on a daily basis.

Some clinics also offer testosterone patches and gels. However, according to the experience of multiple patients and a number of research pieces, only testosterone shots are currently considered to be the most efficient treatment which brings almost no side effects and shows significant results for a short period of treatment.

If you’ve got any more questions or concerns about the therapy, diagnostics, or prescription, please contact us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.