Dosing Of HGH Injections Frequency, Amount, and Benefits

HGH dosage is a variable factor depending on the severity of the health problem. Let’s review the aspects that influence the choice of growth hormone dosing for replacement therapy.

What is HGH?

HGH is a human growth hormone that is essential for the development of the human body. From birth, it provides the basis for the growth of the body, muscles, and bones. Human growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland located in the brain.

Being an essential part of the body, it is a multifunctional hormone as it helps cells to reproduce and regenerate. It helps organs develop and function properly.

The deficiency of human growth hormone may lead to serious problems in children and adults. Proper levels of HGH are important because they promote the synthesis of protein in the body, increase muscle mass, and induce the process of lipolysis.

In the case of HGH deficiency, treatment becomes inevitable. However, unlike some other hormone replacement therapies, HGH replacement therapy is more effective if it is provided with injections. When you take the injections, complying with HGH dosing protocols is a must.

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Doses of HGH Injections

The dosing of HGH depends on several factors. One of the main aspects is gender as HGH dosage for men is different from that for women.

Body Mass Index and current health condition will affect the optimal HGH dosage as well. Finally, it’s about the severity of the condition when this hormone can be fairly or too low. Thus, consultation with a professional physician is the best approach to determining the needed dosing of HGH.

Once an optimal dosage is confirmed, it’s time to administer injections considering the proper site on the body. One of the most appealing aspects of HGH treatment is that you can benefit from subcutaneous shots which are more convenient and less painful than IM (intramuscular) ones. You can self-administer the injections into the following sites:

  • abdominal part of your body;
  • deltoid/upper arm;
  • glutes (this option is much harder than others as it requires more dexterity and professionalism);
  • thighs.

There are options for IM shots administration, but whatever injection you can opt for, be sure that your doctor prescribes this treatment based on the lab evaluations and proper diagnostics.

With professionals’ assistance, you can ensure that you receive treatment according to the HGH dosing protocol. The best benefit of receiving this medication is that your doctor can prescribe reliable brands of HGH injections, and this is very essential since an improper approach to choosing hormone medication treatment may entail unexpected side effects detrimental to your health.

If you want to look healthier, younger, and stronger, human growth hormone treatment can be helpful but HGH dosage should be a key factor to consider. Although there are alternatives to injections like pills and supplements, injections are proven to be the most effective type of therapy in terms of the quick effects that patients observe once they start the treatment.

HGH Injections: What are they about?

Optimal dosing of HGH has been an object of discussion for a long time. The practice of HGH treatment has a long history, but where is this hormone derived from? One factor that affected the HGH dosage used to be the way it was produced. In the past, the growth hormone used in the therapy was derived from cadavers.

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Such practice continued until advanced technology allowed to replace this method of deriving the GH with a new way of creating a synthetical GH identical to the natural one produced by the pituitary gland of a human.

The old method was expensive and not convenient, and it could entail various health problems like the risk of transmitting the infection from the former owner of HGH. Currently, human growth hormone is generated in laboratories, and this has become the more affordable and easy method of obtaining the hormone for replacement treatment.

The new HGH is a synthetic version of human hormones. Since it has become possible to produce HGH identical to the one produced naturally in the human body, it has paved the way for the activity of unreliable companies selling their medication, and this is why it’s important to consider the difference between legitimate and illegal medication to get only reliable and legal ones for your therapy.

The main synthetic version of human growth hormone popular on the black market is the one with 192 amino acids (AA), while the real hormone is composed of 191 amino acids (AA). The synthetic version of the growth hormone with 192 has certain side effects, and thus, doctors try to dissuade people from acquiring this medication from unreliable pharmacies.

Before considering the dosing of HGH injections, be sure you purchase the right and legal type of medication for your GH replacement therapy.

Optimal HGH Dosage and Frequency of Shots

The first problem regarding HGH dosage was related to the way the hormone was taken. The other problem was the dosing based on pediatric practice, which turned out to be ineffective. Now, the dosing of HGH is reduced to normal standards. So, how is this medication measured? Growth hormone medications come in International Units (IU) and milligrams (mg). 1 IU equals 0.33 mg.

  1. For patients under 30, optimal dosing is about 1.2-2 IU a day
  2. For patients over 30 and under 60, optimal dosing is about 0.6-0.9 IU a day
  3. For patients over 60, optimal dosing is about 03.-0.6 a day

The older patients are, the less dosing is optimal. However, unlike other hormone therapies, human growth hormone injections are administered more frequently. Depending on the severity of the health condition, the HGH dosage may vary from 1 to 2 IU per shot on a daily basis.

Is frequency important for the efficiency of this medication? Much is being discussed regarding the optimal time and frequency of dosing. For example, HGH dosage for anti-aging can be different from the doses intended to treat severe conditions caused by the trauma of the head. HGH dosage for men may vary from doses of treating postmenopausal symptoms in women when HGH is used in combination with an estrogen.

One of the noteworthy research shedding light on the frequency of HGH injections was conducted by Korean scientists who analyzed the effects of growth hormone therapies. They observed 3 groups of patients in order to get the results concerning the optimal dosing and frequency of HGH. While two of these groups received medication 3 days and 5 days per week, the third group received a placebo.

Even though there were some changes in those receiving hormone injections every day, there were remarkable findings proving that receiving medication too frequently wouldn’t make a big deal. One group received a shot only 3 days per week and the other group got it done every day, but the changes in their health conditions were almost the same despite the difference in injection frequency.

Human growth hormone therapy dosing doesn’t need to be too frequent to show its effects. Frequent administration may lead to problems like resistance to treatment.

HGH Injections: Details on Dosing

HGH can be used in combination with other medications, and thus, dosing may be reduced or increased. However, it’s not only age and other medications combined with treatment that affects the optimal dosing of human growth hormone. To get the maximum effects of this treatment, patients are advised to consult a doctor and get only legal medication from legitimate US pharmacies.

HGH Dosage for Anti-Aging: Benefits of Treatment

Lots of beneficial effects can be gained through human growth hormone replacement therapy, and it’s not only about increasing the level of HGH. One of the most desired effects is a change in the shape of the body which means that people lose excess weight while gaining better muscle strength.

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Another great effect can be seen in the improvement of mood which is associated with improvements in cognitive function. Besides the increased muscle strength, improvement in body shape, and getting better cognitive capacity, HGH brings anti-aging effects like:

  • skin tone improvement;
  • healthier and thicker hair;
  • fewer wrinkles.

Still, there are other benefits that are not evident but can be perceived by the patients after the treatment cycle:

  • improved liver health;
  • better work of the heart muscle;
  • enhanced work of visceral organs;
  • stabilized blood pressure.

HGH Side Effects

Are there any side effects of human growth therapy? Like in many other treatments, the therapy can bring some side effects, but they can occur in case of improper use of medications like administering HGH of 192 AA or taking more dosage than prescribed by the doctor.

In other cases, the side effects aren’t so evident. The strangest about human growth hormone is the allergic response observed in some patients. Such intolerance occurs with the symptoms like muscle cramps or nose bleeding. Some patients having intolerance may complain about pain or swelling on the sites where the shots have been administered.

So, how much HGH should I take?

Your personal dosage depends on the aim you receive hormone therapy. Secondly, your low levels of human growth hormone should be assessed by the doctor to make sure they can be evident for prescribing the replacement therapy.

Thirdly, your age will be an important factor in selecting the optimal dosing of HGH. Your body composition, along with gender, will also define your HGH dosage. Typically, a patient is prescribed up to 2 IU of growth hormone per injection.

In the case of anti-aging therapy, your dosage will be substantially lower than offered by the HGH dosing protocol for treating human growth hormone deficiency in adults. For now, it’s recommended that patients receive treatment with a frequency of 5 days per week.

The ideal time to get the shots is in the late evening before you go to bed. Such a procedure will help your hormonal system imitate the natural cycle of human growth hormone production.

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How much HGH should be taken per day?

One injection of human growth hormone per day is adequate to treat its deficiency. It’s also a normal frequency for anti-aging treatment and this is also applicable in the case of receiving a dosage lower than 3IU.

If you receive more than 4IU, then your dosing frequency should be discussed with a doctor and changed. However, such dosing is recommended in severe cases of HGH deficiency. You shouldn’t take more than 4IU unless such frequency and dosage are prescribed.

With a standard 5-day frequency, you can feel the effects in 3 to 6 months depending on how your body reacts to human growth hormone replacement treatment. After six months, you can observe the following changes:

  • increase in lean muscle mass by more than 2,5 kg;
  • the decrease in body fat by up to 2.8%;
  • significant increase in exercise capacity;
  • mineral bone density improved.

HGH Dosage for Anti-Aging: Best Brands to Buy

When prescribing human growth hormone therapy, doctors identify the optimal HGH dosage based on screening and blood testing. When it comes to anti-aging therapy, lower than 3 IU is considered to be the optimal dosing of HGH. Doctors may also prescribe one of the following HGH medications which are legitimate and are mainly used in the USA:

  • Saizen
  • Norditropin
  • Humatrope
  • Omnitrope
  • Genotropin

These medications come in various variations, mainly as subcutaneous and IM injections, and they can be purchased only with a prescription.


Optimal dosing of human growth hormone therapy should be specified by the thyroid specialist who considers a host of factors affecting how much HGH you should take. Doses are significantly lower when it comes to anti-aging treatment. If you want to look younger and healthier, the injection of HGH hormone can be a proper choice.

For any additional concerns, please get in touch with our qualified team of thyroid experts to get a free consultation on the Web as soon as we get back to you.